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Green Motorhoming - Driving with an environmental conscience

Many New Zealand companies are now taking the lead with measures to reduce emissions and minimise environmental impact. Here is what some of the companies at the forefront of the green revolution say:

Setting world class emission standards

Enviro NZ Travel, operated by New Zealand’s premier tourism operator, THL, takes environmental responsibility very seriously.

In conjunction with VTNZ, New Zealand's leading vehicle testing company, THL has been instrumental in the introduction of a rigorous vehicle emissions standards test - the VTNZ Five Star benchmark - which far exceeds the equivalent European emission standards.

The THL fleet is the first fleet of vehicles to be independently tested in this way, and nearly all of the 1,500 motorhomes in the THL rental fleet get over the Five Star bar.

The testing protocols developed for THL has been a useful pilot programme for VTNZ and the tough new standards set will ensure that motorists whose vehicles pass the The VTNZ Five Star benchmark can rest assured that their vehicles are as fuel efficient as possible, as well as having low harmful emissions.

Vehicles that meet or exceed the Three Star or Five Star standards have received an emissions windscreen label and bumper sticker to denote that they are “low emitting” vehicles.

United Campervans

Green Globe is international travel and tourism’s benchmarking and certification system across the triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental management. A world-wide collective of award-winning and innovative tourism operators provides you, the traveller, with confidence that you have chosen an operator that honours its commitment to sustainability in tourism.

United Vehicle Rentals has always recognised its responsibility to minimise the impact its fleet of over 600vehicles has on the environment, and encourages its clients to share in that responsibility. It’s no surprise, then, that in 2004 United led the way to become the first rental vehicle operator in the World to achieve Green Globe Benchmarked Certification, and remains the only motorhome operator in New Zealand to achieve that distinction.

Kay Howe and her team at United Vehicle Rentals invite you to choose a motorhome operator that genuinely believes in environmental responsibility. You will soon discover that hiring a motorhome or campervan from United Vehicle Rentals will make a real difference to your New Zealand holiday.

Kea Campers
The maximum age of our rental vehicle fleet is 2.5 years. Every vehicle is kept in prime condition by a thorough maintenance checking process, undergoing a comprehensive service every time it returns to the depot. This ensures the highest quality standards are maintained and a carefree holiday is guaranteed. This also means our vehicles' engines have the latest technology, resulting in better fuel economy and lower emissions.

Maui Rentals

Maui is dedicated to providing a quality experience and committed to taking leadership on minimising our environmental footprint.

Maui is dedicated to ensuring our business has the smallest possible environmental impact.  Hence, we are leading the way in reducing emissions from our motorhomes.  We currently run the newest most efficient motorhome fleet in New Zealand and Australia.  Our entire fleet is built to Euro 4 emission standards.

This year we are going one step further.

Maui is the first New Zealand motorhome rental provider to voluntarily have our fleet independently tested for vehicle emissions.  100% of our fleet meets the VTNZ (Vehicle Testing New Zealand) “Five Star” in-service rating, which means they far exceed all European benchmarks for low emissions.  We are committed to testing our vehicles annually and ensuring they make the grade with our first class mechanical servicing.

Every year we invest significantly in building new replacement motorhomes plus brand new models – resulting in the youngest and most innovative range in Australasia.  This ensures you have peace of mind having chosen a company committed to reducing its environmental footprint without sacrificing style, comfort and functionality.

To make sure we stay a head of the rest, this year we’re starting with a $50 million investment to deliver the highest quality holiday experience and take the lead in environmental sustainability.

As part of this, 740 new vehicles will be manufactured at our purpose-built production facility in Hamilton, New Zealand, which is focused on the sustainable manufacture of vehicles.  Of these, 370 will be supplied by arguably the world’s leading vehicle manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz.

These vehicles all meet Euro 4 low emissions standards and feature unique engines with superior combustion, lower emissions and reduced fuel consumption.  Like us, Mercedes-Benz is very conscious about reducing their environmental impact, by minimising harmful emissions and using low solvent paints.  Up to 95% of the body parts of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinters supplied to Maui are recyclable.

Our vehicles will also be among the safest on the road, thanks to the pioneering Adaptive Electronic Stability program, air bags and best in class engine management and braking systems.

By choosing to hire from Maui, you are taking action too – helping sustain our beautiful, untouched country for future generations to come.


Runaway, operated by Jucy Rentals is a member of Green Fleet which is a practical program developed by the Sustainable Business Network to reduce the impacts of vehicle fleets on our environment.

The two largest areas of energy consumption in the rental industry are fuel emissions and cleaning. So we are looking at a range of initiatives to be more green.

We want to do our bit to minimise the impact our business has on the environment. By putting different programs in place, thinking of new incentives and educating our clients on what they can do we can do that little bit extra to make things greener!

All our offices nationwide have recycling programs.  We have recycling bins for cans, glass bottles & plastic bottles and all unused or scrap paper is recycled as well!

Our customers can also choose to take a dirty vehicle and make save $10 on their rental.Cars will still be clean on the inside but instead of wasting water if you don’t mind driving in a slightly dusty vehicle then you get the green reward.

How many other rental companies can boast that they collect water off their roof to clean their vehicles? We can. It’s just another way that we are keeping green.

What can you do when driving around New Zealand?

    * Choose a rental vehicle that suits your needs. Large or powerful vehicles are fun but they do produce higher emissions. A smaller vehicle which is overloaded is also inefficient.
    * If you are visiting a main centre, consider parking up your vehicle and using public transport or walking instead of driving. Walking is the most sustainable form of transport and is a great way to see New Zealand.
    * Drive with a smile. Keeping to the speed limit, looking at the traffic ahead and driving smoothly saves fuel and reduces emissions. Driving efficiently can reduce fuel consumption and emissions by up to 25%.
    * Switching off your engine when you are stopped for more than 30 seconds prevents emissions and does not harm the engine. Idling your engine gives you 0 kilometers per litre. This is particularly important for diesel engines which also produce harmful particulates.  
    * Turn off the extras when you don’t need them. Using the air conditioning can add 10% to your fuel bill and CO2 emissions. Use the air vents and keep windows up when travelling at open road speed.

Try to avoid traffic congestion. Many major towns and cities suffer from congestion. Avoiding peak times saves fuel, CO2 emissions and aggravation.